How to do playable this proyect on phones?

Presentation mode resize canvas to browser dimensions, but in phones it always eats part of the canvas.
In this case it makes even impossible to play because the button that checks the user's answers is in the hidden part.
Is there any trick to solve this problem?
Is it possible to modify the position or dimensions of the input control shown by the "ask" block?

Guess my number

I don’t think Snap! is compatible with phones because of small screens, but I do it on an iPad and everything is normal.

Editing on phones can be problematic but viewing them on community site should work well. So, you could view the project on phones by going the community site. Hope this helps!

The fourth option in the Settings menu (the button with the gear picture) is "Stage size." Make one of the dimensions smaller (width, for portrait mode on the phone; height, for landscape mode) until it all fits. You'll have to experiment because each phone is different.