How to detect strings within brackets

I need to know how to detect strings within custom brackets of larger strings.
In case I'm being confusing (which is probably the case) I mean something like this:

(find first text inside [(] [)] in [hello (world)]::operators)

I tried using the [scratchblocks] split [] by [ ]::operators reporter [/scratchblocks], but it got too confusing and complicated. Could someone help me?

Are they nested? hello (wo(rl)d)?

I was thinking if they were nested, it would ignore any of the brackets inside. Like
find first text inside [(] [)] in [hello(wo(rl)d)]::operators reporter
would report wo(rl)d.

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The parseValue function is used to parse a JSON value.Use strings.("foo\"bar\\\"garply")
@helicoptur I would interpret that in side the brackets "wo(rl" because the ) closes the open bracket outside.
(Shhhhh i don't want this to spoil the 2nd day challenge for them)

Thank you so much!

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