How to delete all empty lists inside nested lists

Let's say i have a list {1,2,3,{},{4,5,6, ,{}}}. I want to make a function so that it returns the list without any empty lists or without any empty lists in subsets. For example the finished array would be {1,2,3,{4,5,6, }}. How would i make this?
Edit: by the way it should only do it for empty lists and not just thing that have empty values.

A Deep Keep block might be what you're looking for.

I want to make it so that the block performs a deep search on the list and deletes all empty lists in all lists and subsets of a list.

By the way, i'm making it for this block:

Instead of reporting it with no empty lists, there are these weird gray spaces inside the list which i don't want.


Why specifically me?

The only way to achieve a deep keep is actually be creating the keep function itself. Here's a deep keep block that goes into lists.

I tried to think of a way to add these index and list inputs

But I couldn't find a good solution, as it's very very hard to tell if a ring has inputs or not. Although this will be so much easier in the next snap update

You were the only one who was online at the moment

I just did it. Here's what i came up with:

For example:

I think that's working too hard. Both the KEEP and the MAP are throwing out empty lists.

I challenge you to compose a more concise function. :smirk:

Okay I give up, you're right.

Now you’re right, too.
BTW map doesn’t select.

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