How to define like this user did in scratch but in Snap!

I'm very new to Snap! And I'm just following a tutorial on Youtube on how to make Doodle Jump, however when I try to make it there is one particular command I can't seem to do. Can someone please show me how to do the command below step by step? Tq!

scratch 3

In snap,you should define blocks by clicking the make a block button in a category.You can make the block be in any category.

(the pic shows the way of defining motion blocks,since i see that your custom block is about movement)
Then you can define the label of the block.Clicking ok will take you to the editing zone.
In scratch it is on the sprite scripting area.This also means that you will get a lot of clutter and only sprite local blocks and only commands.
In snap the editing area possesses its own scripting area,and blocks are for all sprites on default.You can also define stuff other than commands(this is one of the reasons that make snap snap)
If you already closed the window,right clicking on the custom block and choosing edit will take you back to the editing area.

You can read the manual available under the snap logo.

Also,since this is snap and not scratch,blocks will be global by default,and can be shapes other than puzzle shape.
If you really really want scratch behaviour,select local and command
But this is certainly not the optimal way to program in snap.

(bh feel free to edit my posts if i said something not quite helpful to beginners)

Life's too short. :~)

But I wanted to suggest that red type on a black background is hard to read, and you'd do better to use a bright color such as yellow, or if you really love red, pick a bright pink, (255, 128, 128) or something.

i dont have other colors i think

The manual has a good explanation of how custom blocks are created using Snap! on Page 40 (Page number might change if new manual issued)

Yeah,numerous attempts have been made to tell new users to read the manual.But still,there are lots of people who don't read the manual,even some who don't know its existence!
Maybe there should be a popup saying some FAQs when someone registers?

if you forgot to add the inputs, then follow this tutorial:

Click to show

So you go to make a block...
Screenshot 2023-01-31 4.13.31 PM
... but you forget to add your inputs!
Screenshot 2023-01-31 4.13.51 PM
So click the "+" where you want your input to be added and a dialog will show like this.
Screenshot 2023-01-31 4.14.21 PM
Choose "input name" and fill out all the details. (Tip: you can make c-shapes with this)
Screenshot 2023-01-31 4.15.02 PM
And your new input will appear!
Screenshot 2023-01-31 4.15.09 PM
Here it is in the palette

Oh yeah one last thing...
To do run without screen refresh wrap the script in a "warp" block,which can be found under control

Oh right,I always assumed people knew how to add inputs using %

Not unless you have "Long form input dialog" checked in the Settings menu.

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