How to decide where to put an additional clone?

Any idea?

Context: in a "bubble popper" game a projectile of certain color when it hits a bubble that it doesn't share the color with, needs to place an additional clone in vicinity. There are six different places around the clone that was hit, some of them are occupied, where the additional clone could be placed, how to decide which one to choose?

additional_clone positioning

Well, you can use MY [NEIGHBORS] to find the nearby sprites, and then you can put the new clone in one of the places and see if it touches anything in MY [NEIGHBORS] and if so try the next one in rotation. I think.

I apologize for not replying, yet. The thing is I don't know how to ask what I want/need to ask precisely. So, until I figure out how to ask what I want to ask, you of course can not provide an answer.