How to create my own fractals

i always wanted to create my own fractal

but its too hard

can anyone help me?

  1. take a simple shape
  2. define some recursive rules
  3. done

The easiest way to make fractals is to use recursion, here's my example:
untitled script pic (2)

Just modify my script to make your own!

okay, thanks


when i tried creating my own

it didnt even create a fractal

Not seeing your code, I'm just guessing about what the problem is, but it's really important that after this part

the sprite's position and direction are the same as before it; that's why, e.g., the second MOVE block is needed.

Oh and also this
untitled script pic (15)
is crucial; a recursion has to have a base case, a smallest version (in this case n=1) that doesn't require a recursive call.

thanks for wasting my time

script variable (a)
fractal (10) (a)::pen
change [a v] by (-1)