How to control blocks zoom in an iframe

There are many situations where the iframe should have a controllable zoom level (e.g. when showing a small piece of the scripting area). Currently my copy of Snap! uses ide_morph.setBlocksScale(1); but I would like to control this via URL parameters like &editMode.

I tried logging out and changing the blocks zoom level and it still used my current zoom level in the iframe. Where is it storing the zoom level?

If you post under help with snap,@bh will come earlier.

This is something more advanced; Help With Snap!, I think, is for things entirely within Snap!

Then call @bh.

Somebody (you) already did that.


I try to read the entire forum, although it's been really hard lately because of Snap!Con; right now I have almost 40 unread threads (10 new, 28 old with new posts). Alas, @18001767679, I have no idea how to help with this. Perhaps one of the other staff people will do better. But please don't @ them all; they, too, are swamped with Snap!Con traffic.