How to change hue with RGB values

Im messing around with "what can I do to image".. i made pasteurization,contrast,brightness so far and I was wondering if its possible to change hue of an image.. what i know is i have rgb values of pixels.. soo.. what kind of algorith can mess around with it?

If your working down at pixel level rather than costumes, then you need to convert the RGB values f a pixels to an HSV or HSL etc representation - then alter the hue and then convert it back to RGB again

Search for RBG to HSV conversion

i am working with costume blocks.. so looks like I gotta get the pixel rgb values, change it to hsv, alter the hue, change it back to rgb, put it on the correct place... lets go!

If you import the Colors and Crayons library, it will take care of conversions for you. It also lets you use the much more comprehensible HSL, and my brilliant, intuitive Fair Hue scale. See Appendix A in the Reference Manual.

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