How to avoid anti-aliasing when scaling sprites and costumes

I want to make an 8 / 16-bit style game using Snap! and I want to scale costumes to make cool effects in the intro and title screen of the game. Snap's built-in "size" and "stretch" functions use anti-aliasing that blurs the pixels together and is not great for pixel art. An example of anti-aliasing in rotation is close enough isn't it?


A block like [scratchblocks]pixel-art [costume v] scaled to x: (128) y: (128)::reporter looks[/scratchblocks] would be perfect for my need. It needs to implement the nearest neighbor algorithm instead of bilinear. The scaling can be either a percentage or a exact pixel value.
Thank you in advance!

Yes, by using this

It is kind of slow, but it gets the job done (there's a custom block in the looks category).

You could run this, store the upscaled costumes in the project and use those instead. Of course, you could upscale them in an external editor, then use that instead.

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