How to allow more than 10 columns in the result?

Sometimes, Snap! truncates the list view to the first 10 columns, how to display all of the columns in a single row without code?

Snap! scans the first 10 items of a list to determine the number of columns shown in a table view. The reason for this is that tables are usually expected to be well-formed, i.e. not jagged. Usually (and previously in Snap!) only the very first row is looked at, because by convention it often contains the field names. However, sometimes lists can be used as associative collections, where the first item serves as the key to the second one. That's why we've decided to not just look at the very first row, but instead look a little farther ahead to allow for nested associations and more complex data structures to be inspected. Bear in mind that Snap's table views are optimized to be able to inspect huge data sets of millions of records. If we had to scan every single record before displaying the table view large data sets would be inoperable to display. However, you can still inspect irregularly formed data in list view.

nice , honestly i like to snap the way it is especially cause I can import my projects and its fun coding when you know a lot of it.

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