How to add headings to "A," B," and "C"?

Hi! I have a quick question- is it possible to add headings/titles to the "A," "B," and "C" at the top of the graph? For example, could I change "A" to task? This would create a title for the column. If so, how do you do that? I am unfamiliar with this. Thank you so much!


Not exactly, but you can put the headings in a list in the first row of the table to get basically that effect.

Thanks! Is there a way you can show me how to do that? I am confused on how to put the specifically the headings in a list.

You can use the insert block to put a list with the headings, at the top of the list (1)
untitled script pic

Thanks for the help! When I do this, however, it shows up at the first row of the to-do list instead of the heading.

That's the only way to create a heading for a table in snap.

Why would you even need to have it? Wouldn't it be the same either way? (no offence btw)

No worries! I am trying to make a to-do list for a project for school and thought it would be clearer if I could separate each column on the table with a title (ex. name of task, description, and urgency of task). I am trying to include a picture, but it keeps showing me an error.


deleted because its the same thing @bh said lol

Wouldn’t it be easier to just use a normal table program and not snap?

Depends what you're trying to do. Snap! is programmable, and between higher order functions and hyperblocks it's very versatile in its ability to carry out unusual algorithms on the data.

But wouldn’t something like google docs be better

Not if you’re looking for something with the capabilities @bh just mentioned.

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