How does vardradic “if else if” work with list inputs?

In 9.0 “if” is now vardric with an “else if” I’ve noticed
untitled script pic 51

How will this work with a list input? If at all

You can't use input list for this block.

[edit] I wonder if multi-branched conditionals will be deprecated.

Did you get a preview of Snap 9? Is it publicly available yet?

I guess the multi-branched conditional untitled script pic - 2023-05-24T222325.584 will no longer be necessary; neither will untitled script pic - 2023-05-24T222508.560, strictly speaking. However I believe that it's still useful to keep or introduce other varieties of multi-branched conditionals within the like-named library, if only to demonstrate how they can be constructed. E.g. I wrote a multi-branched version of the reporter IF () THEN () ELSE (), which I’d be happy to contribute.

Yeah, I guess. I regret its passing, only because it was a brilliant early example of how users could develop control structures in ways we hadn't anticipated.

my idea is that when you drop a block onto the arrows to make an input list, the block would change into something like this:
untitled script pic (14)
and a block could then be added to the second input.
(if neither of the input list slots have an input, then the block would revert back to its regular form.)

I don't think that's a good idea. It would probably confuse people if you have the conditions and the scripts in different places.

What about lists of lists?
Where the first item is the condition to call and the second is the script to run

that would work too, but it would be inconsistent with other blocks using input list.
This is probably the best way to do it though.

Here’s my proposal for a multi-branch version of Programming tools DEVLAB script pic 11.
It can handle (both unevaluated and other) input lists:

I propose to use a list of 2 unevaluated items (condition and reporter) for each case:

Programming tools DEVLAB script pic 13

My function relies heavily upon:

Application example

link to demo with all scripts

With input list

… or with ordinary lists only (all predicates and reporters need to be explicitly ringified!):

This is very cool but sadly deprecated

This was my original idea for how the block could be made before the update

What do you mean?

Because we have the block in the pallet when the update comes out it’s sort of redundant

Okay, thanks. I was confused by your use of the word "deprecated".

This is sort of off topic, but I wonder what the new definition of the “catch” and “throw” blocks as well as their friends

what I mean by that

The reporter version of catch and the throw with inputs block.

With the discontinuation (see what I did there :wink: ) of the call and run blocks will be

Continuations haven't been removed; it's just that the notation for them has changed. The block backquote script pic can be used as a "context" for calling or running:

(This is a custom block; if you look inside you'll see that it's based on the OF block, which can now take a context as its second input (where the sprite generally goes).) The reason for the change of notation is that the THIS block has other options for contexts, with different properties.

Remember that this is a dev version, and there may still be changes before the official release.

I knew that they weren’t removed
So the library is also gonna add a new block?

You mean CALL WITH CONTEXT? It seems to be built in, even though custom.