How does this script not work?

I cannot seem to figure out why this script does not work. If anyone can tell me, please do, I will be grateful. Many thanks.

What are you expecting it to do?

Also, could you post a link to the project?

What do you want it to do, and what does it do instead?

Well, I am trying to make a morse code translator, but for some reason it does not work. I will show the project here. What I am expecting it to do is to change the x position by a certain amount and then the y position by an amount. :thinking:

Morse Code Translator

One small detail is that you don't want the PEN DOWN block. WRITE will write the characters with the pen up or down, but if the pen is down the characters will be underlined.

I'm not sure what the IF/ELSE is for. If I leave it out, then typing 9 always starts a new line. However, unless the previous line is very long, the new line starts outside of the left edge of the stage. I think you'd do better with Morse Code Translator script pic.

With the IF, since the initial Y position is 163, and that's more than 145, the IF condition is true, so you write ----. instead of moving, and so Y POSITION never changes.

Aha. So, shall I change the x position and get rid of the if/else block? :slight_smile:

I'm not sure what it was meant to do. Probably typing 9 should do Morse for 9; the newline code should be under some non-text character like downarrow.

Ok. Thanks. I will use the down arrow which is used to create a new line. Thanks.

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