How do you work the vector editor?

I've been trying to fill a circle with the colour white and its been so compacted, Any help?

What do you mean by compacted?

Filled circles look fine on my computer

I'm assuming it's a typo, I think they meant "complicated"

Got ya :slight_smile:
@oneill to select the colour you want to fill with, you need to right-click on the colour in the palette (having 1st left-clicked on the fill can button)

Black, white and transparent are selected below the colours


personally i use the scratch one and then export and import the costume to snap so you may want to try that if snaps isnt working correctly. but you should just be able to use the fill tool


How did i not notice that lmfao

same, but i use the modded turbowarp editor

because they dont point it out

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