How do you upload a G.I.F image into a Snap project?

So, I found that when I try to upload a sprite that's in the graphics interchangeable format, i only get the first of the costumes in the GIF. This is really annoying, because i don't know how to take the images apart from the GIF, and I really need to use it as a GIF. Otherwise it wouldn't have the same effect. this is what i was trying to upload:

Is there a way to make it so that G.I.F images can be uploaded to snap? And if there isn't, then how do i take all the costumes in the gif apart and upload them to snap one by one?
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Huh. I was about to say something about this a while ago...looks like you beat me to it.

Look for a GIF converter site on the Web. These will deliver a sequence of single frames of GIF image in a zip file. Request a PNG conversion for example. Then you can load the individual images to SNAP and animate it yourself.

heres another solution!

  1. open the scratch editor
  2. upload the gif in the costumes
  3. click "file," then "save to your computer"
  4. open up snapinator, then click "choose file"
  5. click on the .sb3 scratch file you downloaded
  6. after the project is converted, download the project
  7. open up a new snap project
  8. click the note icon on the top corner then click "import"
  9. upload the .xml project

can i please have a link to one of these websites, if it's not a problem?

actually, that wouldn't work for me because i still can't access scratch for goodness knows what invalid reason, and because i hate scratch and i don't want to have anything to do with it now.


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