How do you talk about Snap! outside of Snap!?

Over the course of being in this community, I've heard a bunch of things thrown around, maybe a FAQ post I can't find anymore, but I have just a simple question:

What is exactly is the rule for discussing and sharing things about Snap! outside of the Snap! forums? Like, would that count as organizing outside of the forum (and be not allowed), or something else?

Say, if I wanted to post something about coding in Snap!, what exactly could I 'get away with' (in the best meaning way possible)?

You could create your own chat or forum to talk about that

But we already have this forum for that, what exactly are you suggesting?

Use chat or forum applications and use them to talk about your Snap! projects, for example

I mean, I've already heard things like Discord being forbidden, at least in the terms of deliberately organizing places to discuss Snap! outside of the forums. That's why I'm asking because it seems to me that building up a community for Snap! outside of the forums is forbidden if you want to be present in the official forums. I don't want to post something on Twitter because I want to share something I made in Snap! and be effectively marked for death on the forums.

Posting something on Twitter is not an issue.

Am issue arises if you then posted a link to it on the forums.

Or told people on the forums what your Twitter handle was.

Because if you did that and then someone followed that link and started chatting to you on Twitter, you be effectively setting up an offsite meeting.

And if, as a result of that, bad things happened then that wouldn't be very good.

Very, very bad idea. :frowning:

It seems rather treacherous then, for me to be even mentioning it. My twitter handle is something wildly different than sqoosh though, so that shouldn't be an issue for me.

So, as long as I don't directly link it, it should be fine. That's what I'm understanding from this.

Or even indirectly :slight_smile:
And it's good that you've asked :slight_smile:

Well, guess I'm losing some brownie points for mentioning that I might even do it.

I'm marking this as the solution now.

Not all at - much better to have asked than to have done something that could have led to something bad happening.

Remember ( I'm an ex-educator so always got the best interests of younger people in mind) that Twitter (and other such places) can be very dangerous places.

Yeah, I hear enough already about Twitter can be a very bad site, but anyhow. Thank you for your answer.

No you don't hear it enough :slight_smile:

But you might be fed up with people telling you about it.

That's because it's true.

Grown adults have had tremendous abuse thrown at them and has caused them a lot of hurt.

Be very cautious.

I know it's true, it doesn't mean I won't stop from using it from time to time. I've seen pictures of the worst parts of Twitter to know how bad it can really get, I think in comparison I'm fine.

It's not only okay but great if you promote Snap! outside of Snap!.

What's not okay is if you share personal information with other Snap!pers, here or elsewhere.

This isn't how we wish things were. I would love for all of us to get together in a room and party! But, alas, we don't live in that world.

i promoted snap on reddit and possibly got you a new user

It means talking about out of Snap! topics on Snap, like sharing links to stuff in posts or topics. You can put social links in your description.

I do it on Scratch sometimes lol.

Umm, no, not if that leads to off-channel conversations.

Look, y'all have built chat systems in Snap! and we haven't banned anyone for it. Frankly I don't have the energy to police this, and also, having been into Arpanet chatting long before social media were invented I really sympathize with wanting to turn online friendships into personal friendships. I hate the 21st Century, in which such things are dangerous and therefore forbidden.

But this is the 21st Century, and as soon as one of you gets molested because you pursued a friendship on closer terms than we allow, we'll get shut down. And, you know, there are enough of you now (counting students who never make it to the forum) so that the Law of Large Numbers applies -- if it can happen, it will happen. (I know, that's not exactly what the LoLL says; it's a special case for low probabilities.)