How do you request for a topic to be closed?

I'm a Scratcher (member of TFH), and ever since goguardian blocked Scratch, I've been forced to use the offline editor and Snap!. While I am glad I can still use Scratch tags here, I don't like Discus and prefer DJangoBB. I usually tend to report my topics to be closed if I want to, but I don't know how, as there is no "Report" button aside from the "Flag" and I don't know how the forums here work.

you don't have to close it. Just leave it open. and if you really want it closed, just say that you want it closed. bh will close it.

I'm curious about this. Is goguardian a school filtering service? And why would anyone block Scratch of all things?

Goguardian is some kind of school extension where teachers can see what students are doing on computers and if there off-task, according to the youtube ad that keeps on popping up

Oh, so it blocks Scratch if you're supposed to be doing something else?

I have no idea why they blocked it. It was like that at the start of the year (September), then it got unblocked in October and got blocked again on Tuesday (23rd Feb)

i think...i never used Goguardian so i'm not that sure

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