How do you make the grid rows block thing on the script in the front page

i want to know how to make that script in the community site picture

What do you need it for?

i just what to make the scrips in the front page to see what it does but i dont know how to make it

Can you share a screenshot of the script you are looking at?

I think he's talking about this script

What do you mean by "I don't know how to make it"? It's right there in the picture; just copy it.

but it doesnt show how to make it i mean like it doesnt show exactly how to make that specific block when making it and i want to know how

They're talking about the grid rows block, its a custom block.

yeah what they said


Just click script pic and you have script without background and you have this result:

Next you can add background. I don't get you if I do mistake.

Huh? What is the context of this?

Alone I cannot tell. I said what I know to:

i want to know how to make that script in the community site picture

I don't think they meant how to make a script pic.

Yeah i meant how to make the actual block

  1. That's not what they mean.
  2. That's not how the Snap! team got that. They went into dev mode a took captures of the morphs.

what i meant was how to acualy make the block, not just taking a pic of it

Oh. Jens's code should be on the Snap!Con site somewhere.

Build block?

(Maybe will better when I won't write the posts in this topic)

i cant find it on the site

I know I've looked at the project the script is from.. if only I could find it again, I'll try looking.