How do you get the x/y position from another sprite

I was making a reporter that reports the distance between the distance from {object1xy} and {object2xy} but couldn't get object2's x/y position without making the positions their own variables.

I thought this would be a fun reporter to make, but couldn't get the x/y positions from the other sprite without giving it it's own variable

untitled script pic

untitled script pic (1)
whoops bump with bh reply

i checked every sensing block but that one

You should look at every block or read the manual before putting a help and asking bh.

No. That's true about the sprite's local variables and methods, but the things that all sprites have are in the pulldown menu even when the second input is empty.

Maybe I got it wrong with scratch.

i just used

[scratchblocks] (ask [sprite v] for (x position))[/scratchblocks]

i dont think that block exists in scratch tho

it does

block_3_24_2022-5_02_08 PM

oh, nvm

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