How do you get show list block

How do you get show list block

And how do you get the dropdown to add to block like this

Set a variable to a list, then show that variable.

And since it looks like you came from scratch, and have no idea what all this new stuff is, I'd suggest reading The Reference Manual (or at least the beginning)

Using the show variable then selecting the list names will work. Lists are basically variables just listed. Just make the variable into a list then click the shwo button next to it on the variables menu or place the show block.


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question: I have a few Scratch animations I wanted to share here after converting them to Snap! via snapinator but it isn’t working so can I share them as Scratch links? I’m asking cause they are not really Snap! related. But programming related/coding in block.

I think that should be fine especially if its coding/programming concepts

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Set a variable to an empty list, then show that variable.

its under variables, toward the bottom

there is actually a show table block, you can get it;

right here, either save the project or export the block (click 39c6eacb6588dcd218dda2e14a545e5f86f612c7 and 39c6eacb6588dcd218dda2e14a545e5f86f612c7-1, hit ok in the dialog box, and you can drag the file into any project.

or, by going into dev mode

shift click the snap logo, select switch to dev mode,

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 4.08.40 AM

go to the variables category, and the block is at the very bottom

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 4.10.46 AM

you can just drag it into the editor

then, click the snap logo again, and switch back to user mode.

Screen Shot 2022-04-30 at 4.12.59 AM

What the op is looking for is the show variable block, not anything to do with the show table block, they are completely different blocks.

the post has a picture of the show list block. and the show table block was the first thing that popped into my mind. yes assigning a variable to a list and showing that variable is probably more often the practical option but I don't see anything wrong with showing different avenues / alternative ways of doing things. perhaps in the future op comes across a situation where it'd be nice to have a dialog box as opposed to a variable watcher on the stage. anyways it's just a suggestion and im not discrediting any other ways so lay off

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