How do you create a multiplayer online game?

I'm creating a version of Counter Strike, but with mushrooms (there is no blood), and i want to create an simple multiplayer server, but how i do that, without cloud variables?

You can probably do that by parsec or hamachi, but I wish I didn't have to use an external program.

since snap doesn't have cloud variables, you have to create your own, or just use someone else's cloud variables. You can just use the url block to send and get data from a cloud variable server.

Don't use @fsul's cloud variable blocks. Anyone can modify the variables freely if the id is leaked and it is using a server that you are unauthorized to use. Instead use Firebase or your own server.

he made the blocks for other users to use

Those blocks use the Uni Gottingen server not his own server, and @jens personally said that in a topic that has since then been deleted.

oh, ok. Didn't know.

edit: I just tested the blocks out, and they do still work, but it takes more time to set and get variables, which is bad for cloud multiplayer, so don't use those blocks.

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