How do you add a Roblox like trail to a sprite?

I know this is not related to having trouble with the editor, but how do you do such a trail Effect like in Roblox? It is for a game I am working on.

could you send a screenshot of the trail ?
i'm not sure that everyone here plays roblox so not everyone will know what effect you are talking about/how it looks

I play Roblox and I don't even know what a Roblox-like trail effect is.

i didn't think that i'd also have to mention the fact that it's not sure that every roblox game will use the trail that @puppetia talk about, but it seems like i could have

I cannot provide one, I cannot embed anything into a post. Sorry, look it up.

Brian will probably come along and increase your trust level to let you do that shortly

i checked it on google, i think it would be possible to use pen or clones, if you use pen, then i think that every single element of your game will have to stamp, cuz the pen layer is between costumes and background, but clones may make the project lag a lot

its just like a line following the part (or sprite in this case)

Should happen all by itself...

I don't know what is Roblox trail but you can use clones like this

it looks like your project is private

it's ok now!

Perhaps something like this:

This script constructs a trail made up of linear sections, a new section after each manual movement of the sprite. Each section gradually fades away during a couple of seconds, meanwhile changing colour.

What struck me is that all of a sprite's scripts are paused as long as one is manually moving the sprite. So, in hindsight, perhaps it would've been better if the trail was operated from within a separate sprite.

@puppetia is this what you are talking about ?


I now made a rather good example implementation of a (2D) Roblox-like trail (even if I say so myself). It's in here:

The trick is to define a separate Trail sprite.

I added some extra effects for fun.

Alonzo is just sitting there when I run it :frowning:

Press the green flag first. Then YOU move Alonzo by hand. :wink:

ME!!!! :slight_smile:

That not what I pay the big bucks for :slight_smile:

Works fine if "I" so all the hard work :slight_smile:

Sorta, Yeah, I can Imagine that glowy thing as the sprite.

Changes to the original sprite are not reflected by the cloned sprite. To get fewer holes in the tail...

Roblox-like trail script pic (1)

Also slightly longer (+10) costume can help.