How do you add a library?

How do I make and share a library? I want to because I have blocks I want to share but can't do it easily.

  1. Export 1 or more blocks
  2. Blocks selection

Create your library (.xml file) where you want on your disk

You have a library !

Now, you can import this library

or, you can drag the xml contents onto snap.

I mean actually in the libraries menu

Oh nevermind

if that solves your problem, click "solution" on my post .

I am not a teacher, but I'm going to try to read @tjc_games's mind like @bh does with other users. Currently, users cannot freely add their libraries to the Libraries... menu. I don't know the process for libraries being added, but I think a good start would be to share it in the forum in the #show-projects category.

You can't add libraries to the libraries menu whenever you want or there would be way more than 26.

yes you can
just add something to the libraries folder and
umm maybe make a pull request so you can have this new one not only in your own version

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