How do you add a blank to a custom block?

ik ima sound no brained saying this, but [title] (do you literally just put in a blank in the title????)

Do you mean to the title? As an input to something? Or where?

what I mean is like, set [blank] to [blank]
but in a custom block
or like this block that I found on a project (ill find it and its name)
My Custom Blocks script pic

Oh, you're talking about the menu in the first input?

In the long form input dialog, click the -- uh, whatever that is -- in the lower right corner. Then there are various choices for what to put in the menu; choose "options" if you want to make your own list. Then click it again and choose "read-only" to make the background the color of the block instead of white. See page 45 of the manual.

Oh. The "var" in the LET block is an "upvar." To make one of those, in the long form input dialog, the last radio button at the bottom says "upvar," so click on that.

ohhhh ok thx

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