How do scroll a sprite?

I'm trying to make a retro bowl game with a field that scrolls when the player is close to the edge,
does anyone have coding for that?
and yes finally I'm asking for something important

you know what i mean by close to edge right?

Edge of the screen?

You could implement a camera library. This would be as simple as a camera sprite and subtracting the camera's x&y from the other sprites' positions. To detect being close to the edge, try the sensing "this of that" block.

It looks like this:

[top v] of [stage v]
[right v] of [stage v]
[left v] of [stage v]
[bottom v] of [stage v]

can you show me full coding plz?

I'm actually working on one for an upcoming game. Stay tuned!

Here: A test project I made.

I just implemented scrolling.

Change the code in the Camera sprite from detecting key press to the code I mentioned above.


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