How do i turn raw data into a sound?

so, i'm trying to get sounds from scratch projects, but i dont know how to turn the data into a sound.
how do i do that?
script pic of a block getting the classic scratchcat meow VVV
Scratch API Blocks script pic

If that returns a list - try feeding it into the sound from list reporter and see what you get

You mean this one, right?
untitled script pic (2)

That's the one I meant

nope, returns a text

and i've tried using the split [] by [] block, and that DOES give me SOMETHING, but that something is static.

lol try to run this block it sounds like gramps is holdin his 1980's camera out the plane window or its some kid screaming
Scratch API Blocks script pic (2)

I'd forgotten that there is no easy way of importing binary data into Snap! unfortunately.

It treats any data from a URL as text and then interprets it as being UTF-8 formatted (which it isn't as its binary data)

I wrote this a while ago to get around the problem but it requires JavaScript to be enabled
VoiceRSS script pic

I have asked for it to be added but it didn't get a lot of traction :frowning:

isnt there an ability of downloading stuff and using them as costumes, sounds? i can make blocks for that if needed

importing binary data to make an audio of would be a weird way to do that..

hm, it's binary? sothen how would i convert the BINARY text into the sound w/o js?
by that i mean whats the conversion path

Text > Unicode > Binary

uh that also gives me static

Here's the link to my feature request if you want further information

I wait! I've already implemented binary fetch for the upcoming AstroSnap! extension. Hang on, it's coming in one of the next patches.

Excellent :slight_smile:

whats astrosnap?

In the post, jens said it's an

We'd much rather let Jens get on with programming stuff than taking up his time discussing what he's doing :slight_smile:

Patience young Padawan :slight_smile:

It's a special version we made for the Houston Astros. Something to do with astronomy.

That's not text. That's binary data that is rendered as unicode.