How do I remove a parent from a clone?

I'm making a "create a sprite" block. To do it, I have to make a clone, make it not temporary, and remove any relation to the caller. But I can't quite figure out how to remove the parent. So far, I've tried setting the parent to "0", a blank input, a blank object, then the false boolean. Nothing has worked. Can someone help me? Thanks!

You can't remove non-clones, like the parent. Therefore, parents cannot be deleted. That's how it works. Maybe it's possible to do it, using JS.

So you can change the parent of a sprite, but not make it independent?

Yes, it's possible.

What do you mean by this?

I mean remove the relation to a sprite as a parent, but still keep it in the editor.

I.E. make the parent of the clone nothing.

Then you can't make it independent. Otherwise, it'll have a red halo without a bubble. (?)

Set the parent to the stage?

(Please note, I've not tried that yet.)

Screenshot 2024-04-09 212811

That didn't work.

You have to first make the clone not temporary, then you can set it's parent to nothing,


I also don't understand why setting the parent to nothing when the clone is temporary doesn't work, as that throws an error, but no error message.

Temporary clones don't appear in the sprite corral, and can't appear in the scripting area (other than by becoming permanent). So if a temporary clone loses its parent, it also loses all its behavior (the scripts it inherits from its parent) and can't be, for example, deleted. Umm, I guess unless you saved a pointer to it before you removed its parent. Anyway, not cool.

I suppose we could have made it so that SET MY PARENT TO would be legal and would also make it not temporary. But Jens doesn't really like non-temporary clones and (I'm guessing) doesn't want to make it easy for you to make them by accident.

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