How do i remix stuff

how do i remix stuff on here

Just press "See Code", make your changes, then publish the project.


You can also press "Save as" to make a remix of something you own. That's something to add to the list of "Snap! vs Scratch". And no, bh, I'm NOT comparing Snap! with Scratch in terms of community. I won't do that again.

Okay, if you didn't understand what I said, here it is: If you want to make a remix of a Scratch project you own without downloading like a NOOB (Apologies), you need to use 2 accounts to remix your own project. In Snap!, you don't need it!

The rule is just that you can't compare Snap and Scratch, period...


So, it doesn't matter if you're comparing their communities or not, it's still against the rules.

Rude much?

This is false, there is an easy glitch to do this with your own account

On the topic of glitches on Scratch, please allow me to talk about one I found myself.

Glitches with cloud vars

Here's a glitch for you! You can actually use cloud variables without becoming a Scratcher.

Just remix a project with Cloud Variables. :wink:

But the rules say "Don't compare Snap! with Scratch in terms of bad stuff". Remember what I did?

I complained about Scratch. That's breaking the rules.

You know the plot in "The End of the World"? Its not because the sun explodes, it was my brain.


It was a joke to say "my mind is blown"

Also, no I dont know if thats a real movie and if it is I dont know the actual plot

Ohhhhhhhh I understand

Wait but it wont let you use them unless you are a Scratcher. You can access them, yes, but it wont work.


I did this trick when i first started using scratch and it didtn work

Here. Use this if you are a Scratcher.

Actually @here if you have a Scratch account, and you are verified, please go on this Scratch project. I want to see what happens.

By the way I made this even though I wasn't a Scratcher.

This project was actually what got my third alt account banned. And we all know why I got banned. I don't need to talk no more.

Just comparing them at all is against the rules.

For me, give me Snap. I wish I had snap when I was 9 or 10, I love being overwhelmed with new advance blocks I can use