How do I re-cache Snap!?

I have PWA apps for Snap!, so I can use it offline. However, I recently had a problem (the cache wouldn't update for the dev version) that I fixed by deleting my cache for Snap!. Unfortunately, I don't know how to re-cache it to use it offline now.

(the "!?" in the title isn't what it normally means, for which I'd use an interrobang. (‽))

Hold ctrl while refreshing?
Go into dev tools, go to network tab, check "Disable cache", refresh?

I deleted the cache from this:

And I don't want to delete the cache, but rather re-cache Snap!.

Wouldn't deleting the cache refill the cache the next time it loads?

Apparently in this case it doesn't.

Well when I right-click cache storage, a "Refresh Caches" option appears. Maybe that does what you want it to do.

(btw I'm testing this on the website, not the PWA. Also I need to sleep.)

I tried that too, but it didn't work.

I'm also doing it on the website. It wasn't specific to the PWA app.

Hi @warped_wart_wars ,

  • You are running the app and, inside Chrome DevTools, doing "Refresh Caches" on "Cache-Cache Storage" does not recover previous cache.
  • Go (still inside DevTools view) to "Application-Storage" and click "Clear site data" button.
  • Close and open the app again.
  • Open DevTools and (I hope) your cache will be again there.


Thanks but I already found out how to fix it. (I unregistered the service workers)

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