How do I put costume on top of each other?

How do I overlay a picture from the "Top" costume on top of the picture from the "Bottom" costume and put the result in the "Result" suit?

Maybe you can stamp the 1st cst (bottom) and stamp the 2nd cst over

Now you have pentrails (a cst)

You can wear this cst or add it to my costumes or store it in a var

Can you share the costumes ?

I need something similar to this:

I've made a project for you

untitled script pic (27)
Here's a block

It would be helpful to know why you need this. Perhaps it'd be more straightforward to forget about mixing costumes, and just attach two sprites to each other, one with each costume?

Thank you very much, and sorry for the delay in responding. Ill health makes you spend a lot of time in bed.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Ill health makes you spend a lot of time in bed.
However, this is not a block, but only a picture, and where can I see the block itself?

My students want to make a game in the summer where the characters (Hero & NPC) could be dressed in different clothes.
Therefore, I think this method is more practical.

drag the picture in the editor

I have a custom block that does this

untitled script pic (20)

You can enter numbers in the parameters for fine control

untitled script pic (21)

Thank you very much!

youre welcome. Most (newer) script pics in the forum work this way, but sometimes you may need to click on the image first.

Thank you very much! I love your work.

Thinking means coding,
Coding means thinking.

Thank you very much! I love your work!
–°ould you help (or guide the development process) expand block
say (Hello!) fo 2 sec
in this way:
Show "Hello" in a bubble (polyline/Bezier) for (2 =0 default) sec with (Times New Roman).

This is for that RPG game that my students are making this summer.

You give me this idea

It's cool!

I've no idea on how to do that

If you're familiar with the SVG you may "say" a costume

Or compose a text costume from std library with the outline
untitled script pic (65)

There are some hacks to select a font. You may search forum for "text costume".

Thank you so much for the leading ideas!
I figured out how to do it practically.