How do I publish a project?

I can't figure out how to publish my project. A little help?

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Two ways.

  1. In the Snap! editor itself, choose Open from the File menu, select your project from the list of projects, then instead of clicking Open, click Share, and then click Publish.

  2. On the community site (, navigate to your project's page, then the same thing, first click Share then click Publish.

(Yes, we know, you should be able to get directly to Publish. It's an accident of history and we'll get to it!)

… storytime?

I'd guess it has something to do with "Share", which makes your project accessible to others via a direct link, being implemented before "Publish". But I'm not sure why they wouldn't be able to get to making a direct publish feature.

Thank you

Indeed. We had sharing before there was a community site at all! For the longest time was just a static site explaining what you get when you combine the visual metaphors of Scratch with the powerful CS features of Scheme. :~)

Oh, you know, it's just never been the most urgent thing. And for the past year or two we've been telling each other that we're going to rewrite the site code altogether.

And they all lived happily ever after. (Well, except Steve and Nancy are still stuck in the Upside Down, I guess.)

I'm glad that in Snap!, you have the ability to publish your project as unlisted. Still pretty upset about the email-sharing restrictions but...

The problem with the emails is that you can't share each other's email address! But what if I want to collab with another person on a game? Then its tech demos will be shown to the public?! The tech demos that I don't want as public?!

Yeah, one of the things on our list for the back-end rewrite is to allow multiple ownership of a project. (I'm told technically it'll still have one primary owner internally but I'm hoping that will be invisible to users.) This will happen for sure because schools want it.

since im bored, heres an unnecessarily in depth step-by-step tutorial of how to publish a project.

choosing your project

youll want to start on the main page

hover over your username, and choose "My Projects"

click on the project you want to publish. im choosing "The Worlds Hardest Game" for example

this should open your project on the community site.

sharing your project

next, click 'Share'

this dialog box should pop up. click 'Ok'

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 12.00.23 AM

another, confirmation dialog box should pop up. click 'OK'

publishing your project

now, you should be able to publish your project. click 'Publish'

a similar dialog box as before should pop up. click 'Ok'

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 12.00.59 AM

another confirmation dialog box. click 'OK'

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 12.01.17 AM

bada bing bada boom

Is there a topic discussing how that would work? (I.e., what users do or see?)

Could you add a tutorial for in the editor? (Just cause doing it in the editor is much much faster)

Nah, it isn't designed yet. But, you know, something like a "share with" button that opens a dialog in which you put a username.

This doesn't mean simultaneous editing, just one at a time.

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