How do I open the draw editor?

How do I make a custom block to open the drawing editor and draw an image?


You can't open the draw editor through a custom block, maybe you could do it with tons of javascript but for now you can use the "pen trails" block to get a costume of all of a sprite's pen trails. It will be very useful to make this block.

You'd have to make one yourself or have someone else make one for you. I can do it if you would like.
(I'll do it either way, but you choose if you want to use it)

You do it. But dont make the draw board within the project

It's not a ton actually, it's just one or two functions if I remember correctly

It would be more useful to actually SHOW the code instead of hinting useless clues

Maybe you skipped this bit

Which means that they don't have the code.

oh... but if they remembered the code correctly, they might've obtained the code a long time ago. did you get it from a source? did you create it yourself? what is the code?

I remembered when you clicked the new costume block, it preformes the action 'PaintNew'. How do you preform actions within blocks?

Also, the Draw editor is functional, not useful, you're better off actually making a paint/tile editor and then making a command to call that.

That's far easier said than done tho.

that is what im saying. my main objective is a paint editor, with editable xy size and draw tools because even though i know how snapblocks (1) works, I dont want to make a 4x64 graph list just to make an 8x8 image

If you know any javascript, you can look in the source code for where it opens the editor (look for where you edit a costume, or where you click the add sprite buttons), or you could look in src/paint.js because that's where the paint editor code is.

im finding it in the github page now

edit: the code was to large and the page lagged

Okay. Wow, rude. I don't have the code on me right now. I've been through Snap!'s code before when modding it, and AFAIK to open the costume editor was one or two functions that called a lot of other functions.
I believe the functions lie in sketch.js and paint.js, but the button is placed somewhere else

ok. reply to this comment if you found the code

dont you think it would be easier and more fun to make your own paint editor in snap instead of relying on other people to do it? just saying