How do I merge ringified scripts?

I want to merge ringified scripts together.

For example, I wanted to merge this...
[scratchblocks]({script variables (Is this on?)@addInput::#bbb}@addInput::ring[/scratchblocks]

...with this...
[scratchblocks]{set [Is this on? v] to [Well, it should be on now!]}@addInput::ring[/scratchblocks] get this.
({script variables (Is this on?)@addInput::#bbb
set [Is this on? v] to [Well, it should be on now!]}@addInput::ring

I tried using the "join" attachment, but it doesn't work.

Ignore the fact that the blocks here look broken.
I was going to upload images of the blocks, but a horrible restriction prevented me from doing it.

Don't worry, those will be fixed sometime (I have no idea when). Plus, the new user restriction will be lifted soon.

The funky thing is, you have to put each block in a list.

Now how do I do the same thing, but with removing a block from the script instead of adding one?

I have a project that can do that: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

For removing blocks, you can use the (split [] by [blocks]) block to get a list of the script, then delete the item of the block you want to remove. After that, just put the list into the join block (on the black arrows so it says "input list").

Of course you do have to be careful with a single block though.