How do I match a random input to another output in a list?

Alright so, I'm trying to make a quiz for a school project. What I'm wondering is how I can use a random input to match with an output of other items in a list. I'll show an example.

There’s no example so I’m not quite sure what you actually need

You should make two lists: one for questions, and another for answers. Then you can do something like this:

Is this helpful?

EDIT: I forgot that you should also have a script for when the answer is incorrect. You might also want to keep track of how many answers were correct (you can make a variable for that).

Full, detailed response pending, I just want to put out there that instead of using two lists, you can create a table, select a random key from the table, and check if the users answer is equivalent to the value associated with the key.

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