How do I make my Terrain Generation Work?

So I have been trying to create a Terrain Generation System, I tried to do this by compounding sine waves together, to try and create a periln noise, Problem is that the added sine waves, just create a different sine wave, is there any way to fix this?

link the game

nice! so what do you need help with?

what does that mean

I don't know, but it's what the op said they needed help with

I just have to figure out a way to make the terrain realistic, and not just a wave.

oh then I have no clue

perlin noise isn't just a bunch of added together sine waves. although if you do want to make complex waveforms using sine waves, you'll have to modulate its frequency.

i believe 2d perlin noise works by making a bunch of vectors that point in a random direction, then doing something with the dot product of those vectors for each grid space to make perlin noise.

for 1d noise you can smoothstep between random numbers or something

Ok! Thanks!

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