How do I make morphs appear using custom blocks?

I want to know how to make morphs like SpeechBubbleMorphs, ToggleButtonMorphs and ButtonMorphs appear in the world using custom blocks.
I would like to use it in a custom blocks pack.

use javascript.

Please be more specific than that.

i don't know what to tell you. your description of "using custom blocks" was also very vague.

That is technically an answer.

I know but it doesn't really help. I know you use JS for it. But how do I do it using JS?

You could start off by taking a look at the source code, and find out how morphs work.

I'm too lazy to do that.

first, you should've just said "with JS" in the first place.
second, okay, i'll probably take a look at this tomorrow

if you look into the source code and find someplace where it creates a morph, you can then edit that.

hey, it's been tomorrow :slight_smile:
for some reason the morphs aren't showing up, though, and I have no idea how the morphic coordinate system works. could someone please help?


However, I need it to treat x: 0 y: 0 as the centre of the screen.


if you already know how to do this why did you call me or make this topic at all

I don't know.

please be on-topic when posting in other peoples' topics. make your own topic about that.

go to save as and there will be a bar up at the top there you type in the name for your project.
oh and ontopic starting now.
(in other words don't post anything off topic anymore)

wdym? I asked for help, this is what this topic is for.

This topic is about making morphs appear using custom blocks.