How do i make custom blocks to xml?

how do i make this?

Are you OK with using JS? (It's possible in pure Snap! but most likely much easier in JS.)

yes i am, js is supposed to be in my project btw

is it fine that you share are give the link early (no publish) so i can see how much is worked so far?

I'll see if I can make it. (sorry for the late reply; I couldn't connect to my network)

I have a feeling it might actually be possible through codification (well, not custom blocks, I know those won't work), but idk. I haven't tried

xml getter

when i make the xml, i used the block and my custom block does not get loaded

[offtopic]I thought

was still in effect.[/offtopic]

I will get on every once and a while. (Not often)

sad, but your choice :frowning_face:


Not my choice. It's my parents choice.

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