How do i make boolean operators SB

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What's the problem you are encountering?
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<<bool>:: operators>
<:: operators>

Do you mean[scratchblocks]< true::operators>[/scratchblocks]?

[scratchblocks]<bool:: operators>[/scratchblocks]

It is because of HTML not rendering tags (text between <chevrons>).

Did you just try to nest predicates?

Try this:



no, boolean reporters like
boolean script pic

[scratchblocks]<< true ( )::#00de10>::operators>[/scratchblocks]

Does this work?

[scratchblocks]<< true ()::#00de10>::operators>[/scratchblocks]

use #dcdcdc

<< false ({} :: #dcdcdc ring ) > :: operators>

<< false ({} :: #dcdcdc ring ) > :: operators

<< false ( :: grey) :: red > :: operators

<< false ( :: grey) :: red > :: operators

I fixed your code. Looks good for you?

i said use #dcdcdc because thats the color of the circle

<< false ( :: #dcdcdc) :: red > :: operators
I can't seem to get the color working.

use ticks
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This is a programming forum, not an instant messaging service. Be patient.

I guess it's time to add this to snapblocks...

a true ims is impossible, even with ai

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