How do i make background music loop forever in off scene

I have a project that has a lot of scenes
One scene is a setting where you can change music and volume
Problem is that the song wont loop after it ended

The only solution I have in my mind is that you can click the right arrow on the switch to scene block to pull out a dropdown. With that you can send a sound to another scene for them to play on loop.

Now, grab the when broadcast received block (but on another scene) and try the data pullout!

As you can see, there are arrows that expand the block.

The music won't be very synced though!

An alternative, but a bit more advanced method, is to try to mix scenes together into one scene.

If you need more questions, reply to the post and I'll try to help.

I also thought your idea was plausible but alas
It showed the error message "Hmm... cannot send media, sprites or procedures to other scenes"

just store it as a list instead of a sound then convert it in the other scene!

You cannot send sounds, costumes, or sprites when switching scenes, you can only send lists, text, numbers, and booleans.

If you want to send a sound through scenes, you have to send the samples.

In order to get this data back and recreate a sound, just put this script in the new scene.

Of course it is much better if you just imported the sound into the new scene, and just sent the name of the sound.

An even better solution to your problem is by creating the option menu in the current scene, that way you don't have to bother with sending sounds and data between scenes.

Maybe I didn't test that or I put the wrong script.

Last year, I made 4 blocks to automatically encode/decode everything you can store with Snap (number, text, boolean, costume, sound). Originally I created these blocks to store values in the browser.

These blocks are quite appropriate in this context...

This is a small project with 2 scenes...

OK, but what about procedures (commands, reporters, predicates)?


but songs that are more than one minute takes ages to load in, im better off just putting the songs in every scene.
Thanks! and i just learned a new interaction between the scene data and lists

Blocks have to present into all scene (if needed...). You can export/import block between scene.

Personnally, i don't like scenes for this...

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