How do I make a sprite go into an idle sequence?

I am currently making a game with a few of my friends for a project and we are currently importing our sprites as they are all custom made. There is an idle animation sequence for our main character(Florida Man) but every time I try to add it in the idle sequence, none of my other code works.

I have tried an "if not, key "any key" pressed; repeat until: key "any key" pressed; switch to "idle down", wait 0.5, switch to "idle up", wait 0.5 loop both inside my forever loop and out side of it with a broad cast. It made my sprite frequently pause even if a key was being pressed and made it so none of my other broadcasts worked.

What i usually do is make a (anim) variable, and make it so a certain animation plays depending on what the variable says. For example: [scratchblocks]if <(anim) = [Idle]> then
Idle Animation
end[/scratchblocks] It can cause problems such as an idle animation playing while walking but apart from that it still makes different animations work

Thank you so much for your response! I will definitely give this a try today!!

ur welcom

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