How do I make a long list?

I'm trying to make a flag guesser game, but no part of me wants to sit down and manually add the names of every country to a list.

I tried using the sentence to list block so I could just copy paste a bunch of country names and it would seperate them into different items of a list. However, that splits up the names of countries with multiple words (eg. United States becomes two different items).

Is there any way I can easily complete this task? Or will I just need to tough out the tedious work

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

Depending on the input format I would probably …

  1. use the SENTENCE TO LIST block like, apparently, you already tried; and then manually correct for the countries with composite names, OR
  2. use the SPLIT BY block, if the countries are separated by something other than a single whitespace.

Still, entering the flags seems like a harder job to me, isn’t it?

What I propose is using country codes instead of the names of countries, and find a list of country codes you can easily code-paste into a untitled script pic block, and copypaste the country codes into it. Now set the [ v] input to "word" and add a untitled script pic (2) block into it. You should get something like this:
untitled script pic (1), the "Countries" variable being the list of all the countries. You can now use your list for anything. I recomend using country codes because some country names use multiple words and it would ruin the code.

If you just obtain a dataset of countries in a csv file - you can just drag the file into Snap! and it will convert it to a list

I got this one from World countries available in multiple languages, in CSV, JSON, PHP, SQL and XML formats, with associated alpha-2, alpha-3, and numeric codes as defined by the ISO 3166 standard, and with national flags included

Neat, didn't know Snap could do that

Dragging in a CSV is The Right Thing, because you don't want to drag in flag pictures one by one either! But for future reference, when you have a handful of names with embedded spaces, one way to handle that is to use one of the bazillion special-purpose spaces in Unicode, such as WORD JOINER U+2060, which seems to be the official one for that purpose, or, among many other weird ones, SIGNWRITING LOCATION-WALLPLANE SPACE U+1DA7F, whatever that is. They look like spaces, but Snap! doesn't recognize them as spaces for splitting purposes.

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