How do i make a list nested in a block

as seen below in the x position block

i meant as seen below in the point towards block.

also it says i can't upload the image!!

Well, you can use scratchblocks (if you don't know how to use them, just look it up on the scratch wiki).

like in the block

if you look at my profile pic you should understand
also what are scratchblocks? I only have VERY basic experience with making custom blocks

When you click make a block, give it two words, like Name Value and then hit done, then rightclick the new block and select "edit definition" and then take the second word and change it to the orange "input name" button, and you'll then see a small black arrow appear next to that button, click that, and in the new menu that opens up, you'll see a cog on the bottom right hand side. The two options you see first are "options" and "read-only" Options is where you place your options, and read only makes it's background a darker colour of blue than the block.

And you're done.

Also, when you're next in snap, click the snap icon and a menu will pop up with a couple options, under the "about" option, there's a button called "reference manual" click that and read it, it has a LOT of information about snap's basics. It's a little out of date, given it'll load the Snap 8.0 manual and we're on 9.0 at the moment, but it'll still be fairly accurate

thank you @callietastrophic will try that

actually one more question

i did what you said but it gave me a blank space where i can add words but not make a list nested in the block like in my profile pic

if you looked at my profile pic you would probably understand IDK

and i know its possible bc i've seen other advance coders in Snap! do it

Scratchblocks are [scratchblocks] These (Here) [/scratchblocks]
[ scratchblocks] These (Here) [/ scratchblocks]

The second one has two spaces in it that you can remove. Block Plugin - Scratch Wiki this is the wiki in question

untitled script pic

Drag and drop this block into snap! and edit the definition or right-click and select "save as" download it to your computer and THEN drag it into snap, the forum does NOT like this snap feature, once you'e done that it should show you what I did.

Note, it doesn't DO anything, it just as a menu and options.

Well, now you can put images in posts, so you don't have to put the image as your profile picture.

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