How Do I Make A Block Shaped Like Cases If

I Was Wondering I Could I Make A Block Shaped Like Else If Or Else With Xml Hacking Would Like Some Help! Edit:Thanks For Leting Me Know About The Age!

First of all:

Second of all, I've already made a block like this here.

Okay Thanks For Letting Me Know!

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you want, but you shouldn't have to edit xml to make the block shape you want.

Anyways Thanks! For The Block!

I Know That But I Want A Block Shape Like The Else if Or Else You Know

Could you, or maybe @joecooldoo, post a picture of the block you want?

C-shaped blocks: You can!
wordplay script pic
But you don't declare this in the opening make-a-block dialog. It's when you're adding inputs that you can declare an input to be a C-shaped slot.

What Happened With This

Well Its It Just Only Me Seeing That Or What I'm Just Wondering

untitled script pic (2)

I Knew You Could Make Normal C Shaped Blocks But I'm Talking About A Block Shape Like Else Or Else If You Know

Just letting you know, capitalizing every letter of your sentence is really making your posts hard to read for me.

okay so like this!

Like ? Then just do the same procedure as C blocks, but you make it a predicate block instead:

Better. (I would do this: Capitalize the first word of every sentence blah blah lets get back on topic)

Okay thanks!

I think he means like this:
(Image is approximated. Clicking the arrow would make another boolean and another C-slot.)
Which isn't currently supported by Snap!.

However, I think the Snap! devs are planning to add input groups which will allow this.

I think we are all not understanding what block shape you want, from your description, especially if it's something different from the examples cst1229 and joecooldo posted. We need a picture, not just you saying the same words again.

Also, and more important: You are putting the cart before the horse by saying you're only interested in a solution that involves editing the xml of your project. The goal of Snap! is to be a full-featured programming language; you shouldn't have to program in some other language to get a result in Snap!. If there's something you really can't do in Snap! itself, that would be the time to talk about xml.