How do i make a block script editor in stage

How do i make something like this:

and then when its done, its gonna report this:
(cant put green flag in a ring but yeah)
Im not sure if this has been asked before, but ye

Or it could be in the left side, (real time updating in the right side stage)

Heres how it would work: (in that pic ^)

And one more thing:
This 2 blocks too.

scratchblocks (80)
This could be useful and fun i guess

Instead of reporting stuff WITH the ring, you can report stuff WITHOUT the ring. Here is the block:

i forgot to put the ring in the image (it was mspainted) but ok

I know you use ms paint, thats why I gave you that block to make it real!


what do you mean

...yeah, when something is in a ring, its interactable flag is set to false. when you report just the block itself, it's literally just like, if you dragged a block onto the variable watcher. and you can drag it around.
but why do you need that anyway? just use blocks in rings. it's a lot easier to deal with. and @danidanijr said the block without the ring was a mistake anyway.

oh ok, what about the block script editor tho

it is impossible to do that with js?

it probably is, but would be incredibly difficult.

oh i see
so snap devs knows how to do that?

maybe, but it's a big task, and we shouldn't bother the devs

its been 2 days (this forum creation) and there is no way how to make that, sad. i think thats very impossible to make something like that

im kinda sad that its been 3 days and there is no way how to do something like this
i never knew that something like that was really impossible

it's not impossible, just no one has started to work on it yet.

do you need this for a project of yours?

if so, can't you just resort to making the user program in some simple text-based language, as an interpreter for that is easier to make than a visual block scripting language, since you'd need to make the graphics, do the "is the block under this block" or "is this block inside the C-slot" logic. making a visual block-based thing isn't impossible, it's just hard and would take a while to make.

(wait did you just use forum scratchblocks tags, then took a screenshot of the forum scratchblocks, and put it here? why didn't you just only use the scratchblocks or remade those blocks in snap and use script pic? this forum supports scratchblocks in case you didn't know)

i just wanted to make Snap! inside Snap!

In that case, here is the tool for you:
Just press a broken image to make the page look normal. Click the "Run Snap! Now" button to run Snap! inside of Snap!

Um, when i tried that in editor it did this:

This is what i actually meant: