How do i like a post

How do i like a post

"You don't, that's the neat part."

But on a serious level, no, you can't like a post on the forums. This question has been asked plenty of times here on the Forums, 'specially by newcomers. The Snap! Forums doesn't have a way to like comments (well, the Snap! Development Team removed that functionality anyways) because then people would probably compete in like competitions or something like that.

The Snap! Forums, or Snap! in general is not a place to host popularity contests. We want to focus more about coding as opposed to the social aspects of Snap!.

Oh yeah, here's a post by our lovely moderators about the subject.

I'm not sure if this would be against the Discourse rules, but I tried adding the like button to some posts with Inspect, but they don't function.

Wait, what? What do you mean by "tried [to add] the like button"? You mean here on our Forums?

That is because when the Snap! Development Team removed the ability to like posts, they forgot to remove those placeholder icons.

Yes. You know the edit button, flag button, etc. I tried going to another Discourse forum with likes, and copied the button data, and put it on a post I think was cool, but it didn't work.

im gonna call @bh

Hm...I doubt that would work anyways.

The problem with that is that likes where also removed on the server side, so they wouldn't be stored in any db. (I aasume. I don't have access to the Snap!Cloud or Forum internals.)

That makes sense. But what about the people who still have like data in their profile?

That's because the likes were given before the likes were disabled on the forum, since they're used to be enabled but now disabled.

A random guy having 10 likes.

But @bluebaritone21 said that

So if they're not stored, how is it still in the data?

There is still a db, it's just read-only. (again, I think.)

Just to clear things up, they were originally disabled, but then at some point, the snap team decided to try likes out. That's where the likes data you're seeing on some people's profiles is from.

I doubt adding likes via inspect element would work, as likes were disabled in the forum software (not removed, there's just a toggle in discourse), which should also reject requests to add or remove likes.

tldr; there's no way to like a post, and there likely won't ever be (unless the snap team decides to try them out again). If you want to like a post, like a post in your head. Don't reply with "+1" as that takes up space, and no one cares (and it's against the forum rules), but instead reply with constructive criticism (or feedback) about what you like about that thing someone did.

And as Brian has said before...yeah. Like Counts, they're just a number. Numbers don't tell you much in the realm of social aspects of life (if that makes sense?)

If you get 10 likes on a post, good for you. That doesn't instantly put you in a higher tier with other programmers who are slightly better. Look - we're all human, we all learn a different way, it's alright if your project doesn't look as good as, I don't know, some full First Person 3D Minecraft Clone here in Snap!. Your projects are going to be good.

Hmm, I tried to get rid of those, but there's no way to do it. :~(