How do I like a comment

I want to comment to say good job to them and I feel alone when I don't comment

[Would you add likes, upvotes, follows, or other social media features?]


This is the post bh is linking to:

TL;DR Snap! is a website for the mature and for the welcoming, so let's keep the community mature.

The thing that differs Snap! against Scratch is that Scratch is mainly for children or beginners in programming. How do I know? Most of Scratch's Community is full of children in Elementary School, with a select few being Middle School, High School, College, or Alumni/Adults.

However, because Scratch is full of children, it also means that some users in the Community might be immature and say something offensive, or do something to spite against others, like click the like on someone's project and then spam in the comments "Better project than @JohnDoe's project!!!!!!" or something like that. Trust me, I've seen people do that just to spite others.

Snap!, on the other hand, is more for professionals (although it still could be used by beginners) with a certain level of maturity, and, you know, spamming "BETTER THAN JOHN DOE'S PROJECT 100%" in the comments is definitely not something which screams out "I'M MATURE".

By the way, I'm not saying this in an attempt to say "Scratch is bad" or "Snap is better than Scratch". I'm not trying to get banned here. My point with this is that Snap! does not plan on adding a Like Button to any part of their website to keep this place mature and welcoming. Even the new Follow Button (which was added at the beginning of 2023 :\) doesn't do anything, only YOU can see the people you followed, no one else.

Please don't say "I followed Jane Doe on Snap! because they are great at what they do and better than you" and encourage competition into Snap!.

I'd say snap is targeted at older people than scratch. That doesn't mean it's for the professional, in fact, saying that just discourages people from using it (or makes them feel better, it can go either way). Anyone can use snap, not just people who are mature. The reason bh doesn't want to add a like button, is to avoid online clout. That has nothing to do with the target demographic.

Snap is also used for teaching kids programming, which also shows that snap is defiantly not for the professionals, C++ is.



It's not especially about age or maturity. Out in the Real World, plenty of adults use Facebook etc. and actively pursue likes and follows. It's partly about maturity; even before social media, you heard kids talk about "popularity" more than adults. But social media elicit bad behavior even in adults.

Can just someone tell me how to use snap? (Please say yes :slightly_frowning_face:

Not in two sentences. And especially not without knowing something about what you do or don't already know. For example, have you used Scratch? Also, is there something in particular you want to do in Snap!?

If you want to know everything at once, you can read the Snap! Reference Manual.

Just tell me

Hi, you can watch somes tutorials from Youtube to get the basis

Where are these from?

No, the snap forum Sorry I didn't tell you

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