How do I hide my activity here from public view?

I know about the hide profile feature and I've already enabled that (someone verify that), but is there a way to hide my other activity like posts from being publicly viewed? If not, is there a way to delete my account on the forums completely?

you should contact the Snap! team directly (via email or whatever)

you could delete all of your forum posts

Actually you can't. After a while, the forum doesn't let you delete old posts (at least last time I checked).

It doesn't make sense to post to the forum and expect nobody to know! What would that mean?

But I expect you could delete your forum account from your preferences or profile or whatever.

Is it just the forum that concerns you? You can, of course, just refrain from publishing your projects, but I don't think you can hide the fact that there is a Snap! user with your username.

It seems like Discourse won't let you delete your account if you have a nontrivial amount of activity on the forums. I don't really care about the community site, but I would prefer that my posts not show up on Google indexing when you search my username. Is there some sort of setting to hide posts but not delete them?

You could probably build a bot to edit all of your posts.

Not that I know of. Now that you remind me, though, it does want you to delete your posts before deleting your account.

Just wondering, is there some preexisting utility to do this?

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