How do I get to the source code of snaps! blocks?

how do I get to the source code of snap! blocks?

Well, look in the source code ! :slight_smile:

how. that is what im asking!

The source code is here

If you click the Snap! icon in the toolbar, one of the options is "Download source," which will get you there.

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That isn't really the answer. Thats the source for Snap!, not for the blocks.

Why did you respond to @bh?
Also, I'm pretty sure there's no solution button for #advanced-topics:advanced-help-with-snap

wrong person. it was @cymplecy not @slate_technologies

thanks for telling me!


you replied to slate_technologies not cymplecy

Oh, well, whatever. As long as you get the idea

I meant to reply to @slate_technologies!

I make one by switching to the normal help with snap set the solution to bh then turn the category back to the advanced help with snap.

oh, ok.

Anyways, if you want to get the source for the blocks, you gotta look in the "src" folder. I can't say where a specific block is, because they are stored in different files. If you dig around, you will eventually find the source.

A lot of them are in threads.js.

Yeah, but some (such as the list blocks) are in different files.

how do I get there?