How do I get numbers from a list

I'm trying to create a painting program for school and right now I'm on a color picking tool.
I'm using variables to get the red, green and blue for my brush so that I can change them with sliders.
The problem is if I use the "RGBA at mouse-pointer" block it only outputs a list and I don't know how to convert the list and set these as the variables.

I think you may be interested in the item of block.
untitled script pic

Item 1 is red, item 2 is green, and item 3 is blue (item 4 is alpha, but that's almost always 255).

Of course this applies to any list though.

Oh, you can split the list using the following script:

So you can have sliders for them!

And to convert it back:

or use whatever block that has the RGB(A) thing

Finally, if you don't want the alpha part (a), delete them if you want!

@ghost_1337, What are you leet at?

wym leet? English isn't my first language and I'm new to programming.

ngl that sentence confused me too

i'm doubting it's english...

Your English is pretty good. I was not confused by how you worded your sentences; in fact, I didn't even notice any grammatical errors.

The first thing that comes to mind is LeetCode, which is a website for completing programming questions to get good at interviews.

I doubt that's what they're talking about though.

1337 means "leet" in the hacker language Leet. It's short for elite.

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