How Do I Get A Sprite's Layer?

It isn't in this:
Screenshot (122)
And it isn't a hidden item in that:
tools script pic
And there's no (layer) block in the Looks category.

Layer system
check this

I just want a (layer) block that reports the sprite's current layer. If I do the primitive [scratchblocks]go back (1) layers[/scratchblocks] the (layer) block would report one less than before I went back 1 layer. Your project requires entirely removing the primitive layer blocks. I don't want that.

Edit: I was looking at the stage, sorry.

[scratchblocks](index of(object[myself v]::sensing)in(ask(my[stage v]::sensing)for((my[other sprites v]::sensing)@addInput::grey ring)@addInput::control)::list)[/scratchblocks]
Starts from 1, higher numbers mean lower-layered sprites.

Oh! I didn't know of that.

Edit: You don't need the [scratchblocks](my [stage v] :: sensing)[/scratchblocks], you can just get the stage from the dropdown in the ASK block.

Yeah, but the primary layer system not working yor me in somes projects, with this system, you can assign a sprite to a specific layer (a number you choose)

the forest sprite: always layer 10
the bear: layer 5
the tree : layer 6
the main caracter layer 1, and you can change to layer 7 (back of the tree)

You can rename the stage...

"My Stage" always return the stage...

1- put the ask block in a sprite (ask stage for...)
2- rename the stage
3- the ask block wasn't updated...

Yes, but I never rename the stage. I don't think I've ever renamed a stage in my entire life.

neither do I, but you never know who will use one of our scripts ...

What if someone wants to use the script that renamed the stage?


"script that renamed the stage"?

Fixed. It's a bug with the Scratchblocks API on the forums.

I meant something else, but I realized it's not really important.

Did you mean to use the word "then" and not "that"?


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I did put one there. It's invisible because that's how HTML works.

You wrote sure<span>

works just as well

I don't like tags with no endtags. just check this Scratch forum topic. Pic:

Okay, but since when has this had the same or similar code with the scratch forums?
Besides, you only found that out because you actively searched for it. If you actively search for it in every single <5-char post, you’ll drive yourself crazy.